Joy In Singing Artist Award Winners

1958 Nico Castel
1959 George Goodman
1960 Doris Yarick
1961 Billie Lynn Daniel   
1962 Marianne Weltman
1963  no course
1964 Glenda Maurice
1965 Judith Keller
1966 Jacklyn Schneider
1967 Yoshito Ito
1968 Shari Anderson  
1969 Joy Zornig
1970 Micheline René
1971 no course
1972 Ellen Vincent
1973 Susan Davenny Wyner   
1974 Rose Wildes   
1975 Eunice Hill
1976 William Parker 
1977 Linn Maxwell   
1978 no award given
1979 Jay Willoughby
1980 Katherine Henjum   
1981 Sherry Zannoth
1982 Ben Holt 
1983 Nicole Philibosian   
1984 Diane Barclay  
1985 Donald Collup  and  Karen Holvik   
1986 no course
1987 Carl Halvorson
1988 No award given
1989 Darynn Zimmer
1990 André Solomon-Glover
1991 Lauren Wagner
1992 Martin Bruns
1993 Leon Williams
1994 Siggal Zeira
1995 Douglas Webster
1996 Elem Eley
1997 Randall Scarlata
1998 Meagan Miller
1999 Elizabeth Shammash
2000 Desirée Halac
2001 Sharla Nafziger
2002 Tom Meglioranza
2003Julie Boulianne
2004 Christine Antenbring
2005Alexander Hurd
2006 Lee Gregory
2007 Deborah Lifton
2008 James Rodgers
2009 Paul Appleby
2010 Tyler Duncan
2011 Michael Kelly
2012 Abigail Levis
2013Hyona Kim
2014 Tami Petty

2015 (shared prize)
Steven Eddy

            Lilla Heinrich Szász

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Some past winners:

Julie Boulianne, mezzosoprano

Randall Scarlata, baritone

Hailed by the New York Times for her "extraordinary virtuosity and elegance," emerging soprano Marie Marquis is an artist who always seeks to marry poetry with exquisite musical line. An avid interpreter of new music, Marie honed her vocal prowess in residencies at the Tanglewood Music Center and Songfest at Colburn. 

Ms. Marquis will be collaborating with pianist Jason Wirth, who draws on his varied interests to bring new perspectives into his music-making. Educated at Mannes and Yale School of Music, Jason now resides in New York City where he enjoys working with musicians and singers of all stripes. Please visit  and  for more information on this talented duo.

Tami Petty, soprano

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SongSalon concerts, Song as a Second Language education program

2016 Joy In Singing Artist Award Winner
Marie Marquis, Soprano